There are two methods of billing for patent illustration: 1) PER SHEET, and 2) HOURLY.

Most clients prefer to be billed by the sheet, so drafting costs can be budgeted in advance. This allows the client to be in control of the costs of a case by choosing how many figures to include. For detailed pricing please see below. For additional information or a quote on your next case, feel free to contact us.

Complex isometric and perspective drawings $125/sheet
Complex mechanical drawings $100/sheet
Simple mechanical & complex schematics $  75/sheet
Simple flowcharts & graphs $  50/sheet
Extremely simple flowcharts $  25/sheet
Per sheet pricing includes a rough draft of the drawings and up to 2 rounds of changes, numbering and corrections.
Hourly billing is also an option for those attorneys who prefer to send less detailed descriptions of the work required and allow our skilled illustrators to create the drawings to describe the case fully. In the case where the attorney prefers hourly billing, our rate is $75/hour. Drawing corrections after the case is filed are also completed at the $75/hour rate.

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